Eolie Grumazar

45 year-old halfling woman, one of the leaders of The Sparrows


Seeker Eolie Grumazar, leader of the many scouts and adventuring parties that are dotted throughout the Deep Woods and beyond. As a ranger she knows the area exceptionally well and has close ties to the folk that live in the wilds. She joined The Sparrows 5 years ago after she tried to smuggle treasure across the border to sell and got caught by Irkanian guards on her way there. She’s usually the one who you report to when you’ve finished a mission or when you come back from the outside.


Eolie has two children (11 and 13 years old) that are currently studying in the University. She hasn’t heard from them in 2 years because the Sparrow’s spies haven’t been able to penetrate the magical school.

Eolie has no blood relation to her children, she became their step-mum when she married their dad (who was a widow) when the youngest was only a babe. They don’t know any better than Eolie being their mother.

Eolie used to have an animal companion, Popo. He died 5 years ago, she hasn’t taken another companion since.

Eolie is curious, strong-willed and kind, especially to children.

Eolie Grumazar

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